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AquaticaWins UK Award

Aquatica’s cutting edge technology and prime services ensures we stay on top of our game. We hope to help other businesses excel at a global level with the support of Aquatica’s expertise, machinery and award-winning materials. Aquatica has a strong foothold in the U.S., Canada, and Italy, as a result of its dedication to innovation, invention, and reinvention.

Aquatica set itself a goal of creating the best quality material for manufacturing bathroom products. The company’s substantial investment in research and development clearly paid off as Aquatica created an award winning material called AquateX. In 2016, Aquatica won the title of “The Best Innovative Material of the Year” at the UK Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.

It is regarded as the only design-focused awards event for the kitchen, bathroom and interiors industry, acknowledging outstanding designers, project design and manufacturers for product design. AquateX™ received the Golden Award, impressing the panel of judges at the prestigious British competition for its innovative composite material of high strength and durability.


AquateXOur Award-Winning Material

AquateX™ is the 21st Century composite material, used to create exquisite, functional and healthy bathroom products. 60% of AquateX™ is composed of the aluminum mineral that is derived from bauxite, a deeply weathered volcanic rock.

Aquatica combined a high percentage of all the best properties of natural materials with a low percentage of state-of-the-art acrylic resins. This resulted in a desirable, high performance cast stone material that is specifically suitable for high-end bathroom applications.

AquateX™ is an inert, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, 100% recyclable and fire-resistant material. It is hygienic, watertight, durable and strongly resistant to UV radiation .  Aquatica’s Tulip Bathtub, True Ofuro Japanese Soaking Bathtub are two premium products made with our award-winning material. The AquateX material exemplifies our philosophy of function, form and fashion.


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