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Our world-class CNC engineers and machinists are dedicated to creating high-precision parts, prototypes and moulds using cutting edge 5-axis CNC machinery at our state-of-the-art European factory. Whether you are searching for a replacement part, a small-scale manufacturing batch or a prototype for tests and presentations, we always make sure to take care of your needs in a fast, efficient and attentive manner.

Benefits of our CNC Services

  • Accurate prototypes for tests and presentations
  • Unlimited meticulous engraving possibilities
  • Over 17 years in composite manufacturing –including FRP, solid surface, carbon fiber
  • State-of-the-art EU manufacturing facility
  • World-class CNC machinists and engineers

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is one of the most accurate manufacturing technologies available. It produces custom prototypes and high precision parts from a CAD (computer-aided design file). Parts are produced by removing material from a solid block, known as the blank or the workpiece using different cutting tools. CNC machines can produce products or parts with almost any kind of hard material. CNC machining is considered to be superior to many other rapid prototyping technologies out there, as it is extremely quick and efficient.

3 simple steps of CNC machining

  1. An engineer first designs the CAD model of the product or part.
  2. The machinist then converts the CAD file into a CNC program known as G-code and prepares the CNC machine.
  3. The CNC system executes all machining operations to produce a high-quality part using any material, which fulfills the client’s specific needs. We recommend polyurethane foam boards.

Accurate rapid CNC prototyping service

Prototype CNC machining creates rapid prototypes to help prepare your product for a successful entrance on the competitive market. It helps you to thoroughly test and analyze your design’s form, functionality and aesthetics. Overcoming technical obstacles and discovering any flaws early on saves businesses a significant amount of time and money. Our prototyping service also helps improve and streamline the production process. Clients can order several different prototypes using prototype machining to see the design and finishing processes in real-life.

Advantages of polyurethane foam for CNC machining

We recommend using high density polyurethane foam, as this high density, rigid material offers many advantages for producing CNC machined parts or high-quality prototypes. Polyurethane foam has a faster processing time compared to metals and some other materials. It also provides excellent dimensional accuracy, making it perfect for machining complex shapes with a smooth surface finish. Polyurethane foam is also considered to be a smarter alternative to harder materials as it is less expensive and lighter in weight.

CNC services for cars, yachts and helicopters

Our experts can produce CNC machined parts and prototypes with exceptional precision for the automotive, marine, aviation, aerospace, transportation, sport and manufacturing industries. CNC machining parts and prototypes for vehicles including cars, motorcycles, yachts, helicopters and airplanes can be a fast and cost-effective option for clients who need a prototype, new component or replacement part. We can machine the same part multiple times without any inconsistency between parts. This can be extremely valuable for a client who needs to produce large volumes of a single part.

Examples of CNC capabilities for automotive parts

  • fancy custom car bumpers
  • body kits
  • hoods
  • steering wheels
  • spoilers
  • dashboards
  • fenders
  • elements of interior decoration – the possibilities are endless

CNC milling for mould making services

CNC milling services are also extremely beneficial for mould making. If you require a mould as part of the manufacturing process of your product, we can design high-quality fiberglass production moulds using the latest CAD design software and 5D CNC machinery. Before creating the mould, our experts offer clients the opportunity to create a high-quality prototype, which is an important step for building a successful mold. Our expertise and high-quality machinery ensures we provide clients with exceptional quality and durability standards with high-productivity and low surface-finishing costs.

CNC 5-axis engraving opportunities

Our modern milling tools provide endless engraving opportunities. We offer contemporary creative surface augmentation using the latest CNC engraving techniques, from simple wavy surface textures to artistic ornaments or photorealistic images. Clients can order a wide variety of products including customized panels, furniture fronts, wall claddings or automobile parts, thanks to our extra-special processing methods of casting, forming and milling. In addition to simple 3D textures, designs, logos and letterings, we can create surface engraving according to the client’s needs. With exceptional accuracy, the desired textures are engraved into surfaces using 5-axis CNC machine tools. Our expert CNC engineers engrave products or parts using a special tool or cutter in a motorized spindle running up to 25,000 RPM.

CNC milling envelope

Aquatica’s highly skilled CNC machinists can create accurate parts thanks to our cutting edge 5-axis milling machines. Our current CNC milling envelope is 3 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 1.2 meters high. We can also produce parts that are much larger by machining multiple model sections and assembling them into a single unit. These can exceed several meters in length.


Are you searching for a CNC machining service? Entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses world-wide can explore unlimited CNC opportunities including machined parts, rapid prototypes and accurate moulds. Discuss your project needs with our international customer support representatives available online 24/7.

CNC machining parts, products, patterns and moulds can benefit many industries including marine, aviation, aerospace, automotive, transportation, sport and manufacturing industries. Contact us to see how our machining services can cater to your specific needs.

We ship products or parts to over 50 countries across the globe from our manufacturing facility in Latvia. Our CNC machining service is extremely quick with trustworthy crating and efficient delivery solutions.

Costs for CNC machining parts, products and moulds vary depending on size, material and project complexity. Contact us to receive a price quote. We look forward to discussing the best ways our CNC services can help you.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement for every new client to make sure your ideas remain confidential.