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Transform a concept into a product in just 16 weeks!HOW DO WE WORK?

Bringing a design concept to the market is much easier than it looks. If you have a 3D CAD model of your design, you are already halfway there. Of course, we cannot tell you the secret of creating the next hit product, but we can help you by making your concept a reality in only 16 weeks.



Explore a diverse range of concepts with our experts, who brainstorm and conduct thorough research to discover the best solutions for the end-user. Our designers present a selection of innovative sketches that are manufacturable in solid surface and other composite materials.

Capturing the final concept in a 3D CAD model

We narrow down and perfect the winning product concept, by preparing a computer-aided CAD model. This allows clients, users and stakeholders to see the product in 3D and give feedback. We also present clients with a detailed proposal, consisting of upfront tooling and per unit product costs.

Pre-production prototype

Our experts machine a model (prototype) of the CAD design made of high-density foam boards, using our advanced 5D CNC machine. This is the best way to test a product’s design, form and functionality, eliminating any potential problems. Prototyping ensures you are happy with the product before starting production.

Inhouse developed custom moulds

Aquatica operates a state-of-the-art, inhouse mould making workshop. Our complex thin-wall fiberglass moulds allow us to build lightweight, single-wall and dual-wall natural stone-like products at a fraction of natural stone weight. We can manufacture custom fiberglass moulds to help businesses create world-class solid surface, carbon-fiber and fiberglass products.

Trial production

We commence the trial production of your product, making sure we have the best chemical formula to correctly adapt to the mould geometry. Our meticulous specialists conduct rigorous checks, ensuring the product is ready for serial production.

Crating solutions to ensure reliable logistics

We develop secure crating solutions based on product dimensions and the client’s needs to ensure the product arrives in perfect condition. For maximum security, we recommend full-deck pallets and solid plywood crates with an armored steel hinge system for corner protection. We can protect the product inside the crate with a honey-comb carton package and rigid foam.


The serial production process starts by using vacuum casting machines for speed, accuracy, cost-efficiency and optimum utilization. We produce high-quality bespoke products, where quality and attention to detail is the key. Our experienced and detail-oriented staff ensure products are made of the highest quality.