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Aquatica offers truly innovative and durable proprietary materials, which can be crafted into practically any geometrical form and shape. Investing in research and development allowed us to create world-class materials, to help professionals achieve their design aspirations. Our problem solving materials can help fulfill the needs of customers and industry professionals across the globe with strong, flexible, sustainable, light-weight and easy-to-clean features.

Advantages of Aquatica’s innovative materials

Eco-friendly – Sustainable and 100% recyclable.
Durable – Our stone composite materials are sturdy and long-lasting.
Seamless – Invisible seams enable us to create visually flawless products.
Fire, heat & UV resistant – Completely resistant to fire, heat and UV radiation.
Hygienic – Antimicrobial properties block the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
Low-maintenance – Light sanding removes scratches, small chips and cigarette burns.
Light-weight – A lighter product allows easy handling, quick installation, and lower transportation costs.
Easy-to-clean – Even the most difficult stains from coffee, red wine, makeup, hair dye, shoe polish and graffiti can easily be removed with a simple sponge.
Safe & harmless – Inert, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Our materials are safe to use in medical facilities and can come into contact with food. AquateX™ and related materials do not react to the presence of any chemicals in its vicinity.

Award-Winning AquateX™

AquateX™  is our award-winning, light-weight, non-porous, hygienic and extremely durable material. The white matte surface is soft to touch, but the material’s strong interior ensures exceptional heat retention. We also offer a high-gloss, ultra-polished version called AquateX™ LuX.

60% of AquateX™ is composed of the aluminum mineral, which is extracted from Bauxite, a weathered volcanic rock. Combining a high percentage of the best properties of natural materials, with a low percentage of technologically advanced resins, is our secret to creating impressive stone composite materials with award-winning features.

AquateX™ and related materials offer industry professionals the perfect solution for high-end bathroom applications. We can also use this material to produce bespoke design reception desks, interior wall panels, room dividers, countertops, and even sculptural art.

AquateX™ BioEco

AquateX™ BioEco is the perfect material to manufacture products for eco-conscious customers. Products made of AquateX™ and AquateX™ BioEco use 40% less material than similar products. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions associated with the extraction of raw materials, product manufacturing, and final shipping.

AquateX™ BioEco is made up of 55% natural inert minerals of high purity and 45% bio-resin, which is of plant origin. All resins in AquateX™ BioEco derive from certified cultivations, allowing us to create beautiful and sustainable bathroom products, while protecting the planet.

AquateX™ BioEco can help industry professionals attain the Materials and Resources Credits as well as the Indoor Environmental Quality Credit required for the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The LEED certification recognizes buildings that use sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective methods.

AquateX™ Rock For Professionals

AquateX™ Rock offers flexibility and groundbreaking properties, to achieve almost any design idea. This special material for professionals is the perfect fusion of natural stone and our remarkable AquateX™ material.

We achieved unprecedented aesthetics by combining the uniform shine and shade of white from AquateX™ with natural marble. This is derived from crystalline limestone rocks, and offers its own color variations, grains and veins. Each part of the AquateX™ Rock retains its own unique set of properties, even in the final product, without dissolving or merging into the other.

The range of design opportunities for AquateX™ Rock are almost endless. This premium material can be used to create high-end furnishing elements, lighting fixtures, bathroom accessories and design elements for commercial properties such as boutique hotels, yachts and other upscale applications. It can also be employed in flat sheet-like applications solely.


NeroX™ is a strikingly beautiful, black matte stone composite material. This high performance material is a magical blend of Hematite and Boehmite minerals with technologically advanced acrylic modified resins and high-purity carbon black pigment.

Our experts used a high-speed, vacuum-assisted, dispersion and mixing method to produce an aesthetically stunning, technologically advanced black solid surface material. NeroX™ is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, hygienic, low-maintenance and fully recyclable. It is also extremely durable and resistant to sunlight, fire and heat.

All of our products made of NeroX™ include the NanoGuard™ antigraffiti and antimicrobial protection. This is a nanotechnology-based liquid polymer that is applied to the NeroX™surface. It creates an invisible protective layer, making the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches and harsh chemicals. This antigraffiti and antimicrobial protection is imperative for excellent everyday performance and durability of black or any other deep dark color solid surfaces. It is particularly beneficial for commercial facilities.


DurateX™ is a light-weight, easy-to-clean and extremely durable, glass-carbon composite, which is used for the production of indoor-outdoor bathtubs and spas. The use of DurateX™ technology, in combination with a state-of-the-art marine-grade gel coat, allows us to guarantee against micro-cracking or other surface defects for 10 years of intensive use.

DurateX™ boasts exceptional UV, blush, chemical & blister resistance (bromine and chlorine water) and is also capable of withstanding air and water temperature variations. Products made of DurateX™ do not change color and retain their natural surface shine.

This technology has been borrowed from the yacht building industry, and provides a wide range of design opportunities for hot tub and spa manufacturing. DurateX™ can withstand heavy weight, and is completely resistant to mechanical stress. Products made of DurateX™ offer excellent heat retention, allowing bathers to reap the benefits of a long, warm, therapeutic soaking experience. Clients can also select additional-heat insulation for ultimate heat retention.