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Take your ideas to the next level in the fastest and most affordable way with our rapid plastic prototyping service. Our plastic prototyping experts deliver premium quality high precision prototypes using the latest 5D CNC machinery at our EU manufacturing plant. Rapid plastic prototyping helps clients prepare for a successful product launch, as this service is incredibly beneficial for testing and presentations. Clients can choose plastic prototyping as a separate service or enjoy the benefits of the full product development cycle, from design to manufacturing of the final product. 

Benefits of plastic prototyping

  • Test for any potential design and functionality flaws
  • Helps with cost estimation of materials and production 
  • Present your model to investors and customers for feedback 
  • Increase funding by showing your model to potential investors

Importance of plastic prototyping

This is the best way to see if your product is ready to enter the competitive market. It allows you to test and analyse your designs form and functionality. Detecting errors and overcoming design and technical obstacles early on in the design process avoids wasting time and financial resources. Our plastic prototyping service also helps you to improve and streamline the production process. 

Reasons to select our plastic prototyping service

There are many different types of plastic prototyping companies out there, but finding the perfect plastic prototyping service for you can be extremely time-consuming. Our experienced team of plastic prototyping engineers help you get kick-started immediately without any delays, making sure to address all your project requirements in a fast and cost-efficient manner. We always make sure to deliver projects on time and within your budget, while achieving the highest quality possible. 

Plastic parts made with 5D CNC machinery

As part of our rapid plastic prototyping service, our 5D CNC machine can produce accurate high-quality parts. Plastic parts are a smart alternative to metal parts as they are less expensive, allowing you to save money on materials and repair. They are also lighter in weight and can withstand chemicals and harsh environments. Whether it is a single replacement part or hundreds of plastic parts, we always make sure to cater to your needs.


Are you searching for plastic prototype companies near you? We help entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses world-wide to create plastic prototypes. Discuss your project needs with our international customer support representatives available online 24/7. 

Rapid plastic prototyping is useful for many industries including marine, aviation, aerospace, automotive, transportation, sport and manufacturing industries.

Our current CNC milling envelope is 3 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 1.2 meters high. We can also produce parts that are much larger by machining multiple model sections and assembling them into a single unit. These can exceed several meters in length.

We ship plastic prototypes to over 50 countries across the globe. Our rapid plastic prototyping service is extremely fast with reliable crating and delivery options.

Costs vary depending on size and prototype complexity. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and receive a price quote.

We always sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your ideas.