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Industrial Design Company

We are an international industrial design company, designing and manufacturing bespoke products for businesses anywhere in the world. Our product design team is highly experienced in creating aesthetically pleasing products, combining timeless beauty with modern economic design. We brought together award-winning Italian industrial designers, Latvian craftsmen, and Canadian engineers to create luxurious, high-tech and pragmatic products and parts. Our international designers and engineers guide clients through each step of the product design process. We handle the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to manufacturing of the final product. Our company caters for both mass-market and luxury consumer tastes.

How to transform an idea into a high-end product?

Searching for the right industrial design company can be incredibly tedious. You can waste a great amount of time contacting and discussing details with several different industrial design firms and agencies. Our industrial design company makes the process simple and stress free, addressing all your concerns and needs. Aquatica’s industrial designers are experts on converting ideas into-high end products in a speedy and successful way. Thoroughly researching a client’s product concept helps our team improve product design and increase performance and functionality. We maintain constant communication with the client, using feedback and suggestions to develop their perfect product. Throughout the design process, our company is focused on creating an outstanding product with advanced functionality features and unprecedented aesthetics. 

Perfecting the product design with CAD & CAM software

We present the client with a selection of sketches offering truly innovative and ground-breaking solutions for the target consumer. The detailed designs are manufacturable in solid surface and other composite materials. The final concepts are drawn in 3D with computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing softwares called CAD & CAM. Once the design is finalized and perfected, our designers then work on other design features, such as product colours, labels, logos and product packaging.

Bringing your product concept to life

Our design and engineering team uses an automatic 5D CnC machine to transform your ideas into a real functioning product. This rapid prototyping service is the fastest and most affordable way to test and analyze design, form and functionality. Prototyping saves time, reduces cost and improves user involvement by determining the needs of the end user earlier on. It also helps clients to understand any potential challenges or risks. 


Are you looking for industrial design companies near you? We work with clients from all over the globe. Our multinational team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

Our company takes approximately 3-6 weeks to design a product depending on the product requirements and complexity. 

Inside our industrial design studio, designers work with different CAD/CAM software and tools including Rhinoceros 3D, Solidworks, AutoCad.

Our industrial design company makes sure your concepts are protected with a non-disclosure agreement. 

No, we can tailor each project proposal to your specific needs.

Our industrial design company offers a diverse array of design opportunities. Our team can design products or parts for the marine, aviation, aerospace, automotive, transportation, sport and manufacturing industries. 

We can design a product that can later be manufactured using our proprietary materials. AquateX™ and NeroX™ are durable, low-maintenance hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100% recyclable.