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Rapid Prototype Manufacturing and Modeling Services

Aquatica brings your ideas to life with our in-house prototype workshop using 3D printing & 5D CNC machines. We spent many years exploring and perfecting our rapid prototyping and modeling techniques. Aquatica started out by using the best artisan traditions, creating the first models with MDF. We later embraced advanced engineering methods, building prototypes with CAD tools and automatic CNC machines. 

What is rapid prototyping?

A prototype is a physical simulation of a product or part, allowing our clients and product development specialists to physically test the product’s design and functionality. Rapid prototyping ensures our clients are truly happy with all of the product’s features, making sure it is market ready. 

Product prototype process & CNC machining services

Once the design is finalized and signed off, we can machine a model of the final product using our automatic 5D CnC machine. The model might be segmented into a number of parts to reflect the optimal rapid manufacturing process and is made of high-density foam boards. Our current CNC milling envelope is 3 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 1.2 meters high. We can also produce parts that are much larger by machining multiple model sections and assembling them into a single unit. These can exceed several meters in length. All parts undergo a thorough inspection during production and are later sent to the quality control department before shipping. 

Advantages of making a prototype

Rapid prototyping is the most affordable and accurate way to physically test and analyze a product’s design, form and functionality. This allows our experts to tackle potential obstacles such as moulding design, stress and moving parts.


Would you like to transform your idea into a physical product in a fast and affordable way? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our rapid prototype manufacturing process. You can also speak to our international support specialists who are available online 24/7 to discuss how you can benefit from our 3D printing and 5D CNC machines. 

Yes, we offer agencies, start-ups and specialists such as designers and engineers the opportunity to use our prototyping services even for just one product.

We have experience creating and sending prototypes anywhere in the world, in only a few days. You can discuss your project needs and deadline with our 24/7 support agent.

You need a CAD file in order to build a prototype. We can create one for you using our design and engineering services.

Yes, we have a practice of signing an NDA with our clients.

A few hours after you submit your inquiry, we will send you a quotation with all the necessary information.