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Aquatica operates a state-of-the-art, in-house mould making workshop that ensures full control of the entire manufacturing process. Well-engineered, precision models made of high-density foam boards are the starting ingredients for high-quality fiberglass moulds, which is our secret to creating excellent quality cast solid surface and fiberglass products and parts. 

How does Aquatica make solid surfaces and parts?

Aquatica produces solid surfaces and other composite material parts using moulds, also known as tools. Aquatica’s complex thin-wall moulds make our products stand out from the crowd. This allows us to create lightweight, dual-wall natural stone-like bathtubs and sinks at a fraction of natural stone weight and cost and with substantially better thermal shock characteristics.    

High-quality moulds

We provide high-quality marine tooling, bath & spa tooling, composite mould tools, prototype tooling, and other small and large-scale fiberglass tooling services. We expertly produce CNC machined patterns, models, fiberglass moulds, temporary moulds, and Limited Production Molds (LPM).

What type of composite materials and moulds does Aquatica use?

We use a variety of composite materials best suited for their specific applications and requirements to include carbon epoxy, fiberglass, and poly-iso (polyurethane & carbon) foam. We offer solid surface vacuum casting, closed mould RTM part making as well as more traditional open moulding methods of laying fiberglass. 

In-house developed custom moulds

Aquatica manufactures final goods exclusively based on in-house developed custom moulds for various bath, basin, shower and furniture brands. This guarantees exclusivity to our customers in exchange for investing in customized tooling, specifically dedicated to the high-end market segment. 


Here you can find some more details about our mould making methods. You can also speak to one of our friendly support agents available 24/7 to help you with any of your queries. 

The price is highly dependent on many details, however; for the most common models with dimensions 2m2- 10m2, our high-quality fiberglass moulds cost approximately 1500 eur/m2, where the plug/model price is 800eur/m2 and mould price is 800 Eur/m2.

Also, the final cost is highly dependent on the purpose / manufacturing type of the mould. For example, solid surface moulds are typically closed or partially closed, which means that both inner and outside parts of the jig are required, which in turn means that the surface area will be doubled.


For the illustration purposes, let’s assume a medium sized model with surface area of 5m2 (~60ft2):

Mould intended for solid surface casting:

  • 5m2 x 2 x 1600 EUR= 16,000 EUR

Mould intended for open mould glass fiber lamination based manufacturing (could be used to make baths, mini-pools, small airplane / UAV parts, auto-moto parts, camper structures, yacht and boat parts):

  • 5m2 x 1600 EUR= 8,000 EUR

Depending on our CnC milling center workload, the model milling might take anywhere 2-5 weeks and mould making other 4-6 week.