• Langervaldes iela 1, Jelgava, LV-3002, Latvia
AIVARS ABOLINS-Senior Chemical Engineer at Aquatica
Senior Chemical Engineer, Laboratory Manager

Mr. Abolins is a professional chemical engineer, who has an exceptional talent for creating new colors and textures, providing our customers with truly unique, world-class products.


Mr. Abolins manages the Aquatica solid surface composite laboratory. He joined Aquatica following a 40-year long tenure as a chemical engineer with Latvian Railways. His extensive experience helps Aquatica to create exceptional products. Mr. Abolins combines the principles of chemistry and engineering to scale up the production of materials and consumer products. He plays a fundamental role early on in the process, especially in the research and development phase.

Mr. Abolins oversees the rigorous quality control procedures throughout the entire R&D, and manufacturing process. He takes into account consumer preferences, implementation costs and the safety of our onsite manufacturing plant, ensuring that all products are safe and environmentally sustainable. Mr. Abolins enjoys collaborating with other engineers and specialists to design and adapt production methods.