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MAURIZIO AMATO-Industrial Design Engineer at Aquatica
Industrial Design Engineer

Mr. Amato is an award-winning Italian designer. His curiosity and passion for learning helps to create unique state-of-the-art products that сombine practicality with luxury.


Mr. Maurizo Amato has a truly unique approach to product design due to his expert knowledge of production cycles combined with his studies in aerospace engineering. He combines art, business, and engineering to design beautiful, luxurious and user-friendly products. He has a deep understanding of the science of ergonomics, as well as years of experience designing a wide variety of furniture and other products.

He sees feasibility as an intrinsic aspect of design from the very first sketches of a new product. He pays particular attention to customization ensuring that each product satisfies the client’s needs. Researching new and interesting ideas and processes helps him to improve product design and increase performance and functionality. He assists clients with brainstorming initial concepts and narrowing down the best solutions for the target consumer with a selection of sketches. The final concepts are drawn in 3D with computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing softwares called CAD & CAM.

He enjoys collaborating with international designers, engineers and businesses to create world-class bespoke products. He is dedicated to helping clients transform their ideas into high-quality products. Mr. Amato is passionate about solving complex design challenges with his creative solutions.